Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tiffany Blue!

Hi, I want to introduce this new gadget of mine to you!

TA-DAH!!! It is not a new piece of jewelry from Tiffany.

It comes with a small pouch to keep it in.

It is a portable battery! Just like these ones, but with a classy, cute touch!

It has a bow on its ribbon band, a mirror and a little space for small items. This can also use as a phone stand! The capacity of this little thing is 9000 mAh (about 3 full charges on my iPhone 6!!!) which is about three times of this Anker I have. With two USB port, I can share this with my friend when we are having tea in the afternoon! How nice is that! 

My favourite feature about this box, other than the colour, the bow and everything about it, on the bottom of the box has LED indicators showing how much energy has left in it.

Mirror and storage space

Two USB port for two phones!
LED indicators
Just look at the packaging!

It is made in Taiwan, comes with a year warranty. If you are interested in purchasing one, send me a message on Instagram, or comment below.

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