1001 to-do list

I love to make list, to-do list, wish list, contact list, etc... If you open my schedule, the only thing you see will be memo, stickies notes. I spend at least 20 minutes every morning trying to figure out what should be on my to-do list of the day.
Typical morning routine, list making.

I think everyone has some sort of a bucket list,
I want to share my to-do list. Inspired by Mackenzie, I decided to give myself a time frame
for my list, 1001 days.

Start : 30 Jan, 2014.
Ending on: 27 Oct, 2016.

1. Finish my research on Nuclear Desalination.
2. Publish my findings on a Academic Journal.
3. Poster/Present at a conference.
4. Network with my professional world.
5. Wear PJ to class!!
6. Land a job at my dream companies.
7. Design for Candies.
8. Juice every morning for a week.
9. Go on detox-cleanse week.
10. Post more often, twice a week.
11. Post an outfit of the day.
12. Post my recipes twice a month.
13. Obtain a sponsor.
14. Expand my follower. (Instagram reached over 1000!)
15. Buy an iMac for myself.
16. Buy a comfy armchair.
17. Get my own DSLR camera.
18. Go without shoe shopping for one month.
19. Attend an Oscar de la Renta fashion show.
20. Clean out my closet, donate items that don’t fit/never wear. (In process)
21. Take my brother out on a shopping trip, paid for by me.
22. Organise all my contact books.
23. Organise my recipes.
24. Go to Engineer Hockey game. (7 Feb, 2014. We won against Yale!)
25. See SuperBowl live.
26. Attend MLB game.
27. Attend a polo match.
28. Attend a US Open game.
29. Go to six classical concerts. (1/6)
           - 15 Mar, 2014. Boston Symphony Orchestra
31. Go to Boston Symphony Orchestra Concert. (15 March, 14)
32. Go to two ballet, The Nutcracker preferred. (0/2)
33. Go to The Blue Man Show.
34. Learn how to drive.
35. Take a calligraphy class.
36. Take a ceramics class.
37. Take a make up lesson. (Via Sephora Rouge VIP)
38. Figure out my skincare routine, and stick to it (for at least a month)!
39. Take an oil painting lesson.
40. Take on yoga.
41. Take a film developing class.
42. Successfully do a latte art.
43. Finish Matt’s Owl doll.
44. Get up to 90lbs, and stay there.
45. Go on a letterpress date.
46. Go to the gym three times a week for a month.
47. Go skydiving.
48. Go skiing.
49. Go rock climbing.
50. Go white water rafting.
51. Go skinny-dipping.
52. Do a Colour Me Rad 5K.  (Color Me Rad Boston)
53. Ride on a hot air balloon (Last time I went, it was too windy).
54. Bowl at least 160.
55. Sail on a sailboat.
56. Host a dinner party.
57. Host a tea party.
58. Host a brunch.
59. Throw a cocktail party.
60. Have a girl’s night.
61. Send 30 hand-written,“just because” notes. (6/30)
62. Send 5 “just because” gifts. (2/5)
63. Finish raising fund for new exterior for my family’s school.
64. Start an “adopt a student” program with the school.
65. Attend a gift show.
66. Attend ALT SLC.
67. Meet with a blogging friend in person. (Kerrie from Rarely taken seriously)
68. Move to my first apartment. (SF? Boston? NYC?)
69. Get a puppy. (Summer rental puppy=]])
70. Have a real Christmas tree to hang my ornament collection.
71. Finish my subscribed magazines within the month.
72. Read 45 new books. (2/45)
73. Start/be part of a book club.
74. Do photo-a-day for 30 days.
75. Unwire for a day. (almost a week, stomach ulcer sick week)
76. Volunteer at least once a month for 3 months.
77. Have a little herb garden.
78. Have a bar/coffee cart/cabinet!
79. Hike the 4 of the Adirondacks 46ers.(1/4)
80. Road trip across USA from East Coast to West Coast!
81. Travel to at least five new countries. (1/5)
           - Germany (11-17 February, 2014.)
82. Travel to fifteen new cities. (2/15)
           - Zurich, Switzerland (10-11 February, 2014.)
           - Nurnberg, Germany (March, 2014.)
83. Spend a night in a treehouse.
84. Visit all of my host family. (0/6)
85. Visit Tita in Thailand
86. Visit Clara in Korea.
87. Visit Audrey in Seattle.
88. Visit Matt in Massachusetts.
89. Travel to Tibetan Plateau.
90. Climb/Skywalk X on Macau Tower.
91. Bike around Nantucket.
92. Open a teahouse on Nantucket.
93. Rent a Jeep on Nantucket.
94. Rent a Vespas on Nantucket.
95. Go to the observation deck on First Congregational Church on Nantucket.
96. Go scalloping on Nantucket.
97. Go on a real vacation with no schedule.
98. Maintain MileagePlus Gold member.
99. Put $15 into savings for every goal accomplished. (15)
100. Stick to my saving plan for the year, put at least $1,742 into savings.
101. Come up with my investment plan.

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