Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Country Club Prep Snow Day Flash Sale

I am so happy as my birthday is coming up, a lot of the stores I like are giving me birthday discount and gifts. I picked out couple pairs of shoes to put on my wish list, I can't wait to see what I am getting, other than my birthday pledge, mycharity:water.

One of my favorite store, Country Club Prep, is having a snow day flash sale. They are the preppy must-visit website! Name it, and they will have it!

I am a sucker for bows, I have a bow-blem. Other than bows on my toes, I used to tie a ribbon bow on my wrist. When KJP came out with these Vicker's Bow, I was in love. I have couple of them, and my brother is also a big fan of KJP's bracelet.


Me and my boyfriend also have matching fox print of necktie, earrings and bracelet

I think I am going to pick up two more bows from Country Club Prep with this snow day flash sale.

Like this one and this one.

Go check out their sale, use this code SNOWDAY20. It expires tomorrow.

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