Friday, January 24, 2014

B Brian Atwood, Cassiane

It took me 3 months to finally hunt down this pair of Cassiane by B Brian Atwood in black. I am not a sandal girl but, there is something about showing my toes. I don't like it when they are exposed. Still, I fell in love with this pair of Cassiane when I saw them in Neiman Marcus. They are now available in silver at Zappos (for 383!).

For 5" heels, they are pretty comfy as I walk around my house. I definitely need an excuse to show them off. I also want to find out if the straps are going to eat my feet or not. The fringes are made out of little balk chains that dance along as I move my feet, bringing life to each step I take. Unfortunately, they are slightly big on me. I am a true size 6 and they are a little bit loose. I added foot pad to prevent feet from sliding forward and for better fitting.


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