Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rachel Roy, Marula

This past week was a lot of stress, final presentations, exams and reports were piling up. Since there were presentations, I get to dress up (Tt is not like I ever need a reason, if you ever see my Instagram). I put these Marula on my table to motivate me to study, and get some outfit inspirations. I wish I had wait for cyber monday, I bought them full price off Rachel Roy's Website. (Macy's is doing a sale on them)

I always wanted a pair of good royal blue suede heels, but not just simple plain ones. Marula is simply perfect with the touch of gold detail on the heels. A lot of the other gold detailing on heels were leather, but these are real metal, very sophisticated.

When it comes to fitting, you can always trust Rachel Roy, well padded, and good arch support. Surprisingly, they are very soft, I didn't need to break them in, plenty of room for the toes. I walked on the icy sidewalk(Upstate NY weather) to campus, and stand in them for half a day, didn't feel sore afterward. One thing I will complain about though, is the toe cleavage. I don't like seeing those gaps=P

More blue pointy heels,

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